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At Focus Financial Group, we combine the experience of over 60 years in the automotive industry, from parts and service to dealer principal. We feel that this gives us a distinct advantage in providing service to you as a dealer, for we have been in your shoes and are aware of your business needs and goals. Throughout our time in the inner workings of dealerships, we have amassed the experience that allows us to be of the utmost help to you and your employees. Our focus is to assist our clients in attaining maximum profit from every deal and maximum performance from every employee.


In addition to our services of Vehicle Service Contracts, Credit Insurance, Gap Insurance, Chemical Products and Theft Deterrent Systems, we provide innovative and effective training and motivation programs. From our training facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, we provide seminars and roundtable discussion groups, helping to keep your employees on the cutting edge. Our training covers everything from laws and regulations to the latest in products and selling techniques. We also provide national finance schooling for the novice business manager, as well as advanced schooling for seasoned veterans.

We have a highly experienced and specialized office and support staff to ensure that we are available to help you with all of your needs and to provide precise and accurate monthly remittance and reporting. We look forward to having you take advantage of the high level of service we provide and the expertise that our experience brings to the table.

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